Kramladen July 2023
Sofar Sounds Vienna March 2023
Volkstheater January 2023
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Ned Stranger is really two people trapped in one body.

On the one side, he’s a romantic – a polyamorous idealist and lover of conversation, never more comfortable than when dropped in a room of people. 

On the other, he’s a closet nerd and intellectual – a logical-minded, book-loving Cambridge law graduate who relaxes between songwriting sessions by doing the Guardian cryptic crossword.

His songs explore themes that range from the big picture to the hyper-specific. Call to Prayer tells the story of the failed military coup in Istanbul in 2016 and Ned’s own helplessness in witnessing it first hand. Spiral tells the tragic story of 18th century French mathematician, Evariste Galois, who died aged 20 in a duel defending a lady’s honour. He explores desire and polyamory in Catalyse, nostalgia in The Setting Sun, and collective guilt in upcoming single Children of Time.

His indie-folk sound bears subtle hints of classical piano and flamenco guitar, nods to his early years training as a violinist and pianist before taking up the guitar.

And he is as much a storyteller as a songwriter, with his concerts characteristic for the engaging and humourous banter between songs, going into detail into the songs’ meanings and opening up on his own life, so much so that he was invited to perform at Volkstheater’s True Stories night in January 2023 along actors, writers and comedians.

Originally from southern England, Ned saw success with his London-based indie-folk trio August and After, securing millions of listeners across the world with a stream of Official Spotify playlistings (including Your Coffee Break, Infinite Indie Folk, Lost in the Woods) and various features on BBC Radio and Kerrang. In 2022 he moved to Austria with his wife (a Latvian oil painter) to explore the Viennese music scene and started organising his own concerts, including a full capacity show at Kramladen and a set at SOFAR Sounds.